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houzz kitchen photo

kitchen designed for culinary institute graduate

The Culinary Institute graduate wanted the kitchen to work as a professional kitchen but have the warmth of a home kitchen.
Abby kept to a the galley layout with a bank of
top-of-the-line appliances, and integrated an open pantry
that serves as a coffee bar and wine station.

kitchen with walnut countertop

Unique features include a floating live-edged sculptural walnut
countertop piece, custom made for growing herbs while
providing a space for serving appetizers on the wood ledge;
and a custom designed metal fireplace wall; a live-edged
table and benches for dining.

custom cutting board has cutout for trash

The client, a dual Dallas-Napa resident, wanted finishes to have
an earthy nod to northern California. A custom cutting board
with a hole for trash was integrated into a portion of the countertop.

stainless steel cabinets and appliances

Polished countertops, laminated and stainless cabinet front
and stainless appliances are complemented by th
introduction of wood, glass and blackened metal.

sleek cabinets in foreground of large wall of windows

A wall of windows brings the outdoor sunlight inside,
casting a warm glow on the wood surfaces.

dining space photo

An additional dining space was added
off the kitchen. The room include
a custom-designed metal fireplace and
walnut table cut from a live-edged log.

open concept entertaining spaces

The kitchen remodel incorporates
multiple entertaining spaces. Custom
designed barstools by Abby Smith.

wonderful kitchen with island and herb planter

A live-edge custom walnut piece was
designed as a bridge on top of the island
that incorporates an herb planter.

room divider provides sculpturall interest

A  custom-designed wood and metal floor-
to-ceiling room divider acts as a sculptural backdrop.




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